Workshop with us
Let's do together.

We combine art with other subjects such as science, music, cultural studies, food, math and engineering and organize workshop while kids play and learn.

To express themselves through art and craft.What is your kid interested in? How can you expand their interest?We would like to broad your knowledge and grow up together.

Past Workshops


Art and craft class at your place
Let's do together.

Outreach Programs

We visit your home, schools, companies and party to do some workshops.
We customaize workshop based on your request.

Please click the below button for any inquiries and booking.

①Date:Please fill in the below form.

②For:3 years old and over and their parents (Min. 5 kids)

③2,500 yen per person(Inc.materials)

④Transportation Fee:We charge you.

⑤Cancel Policy: We charge you 30% of the total amount in case you cancel 10 days within the date.